The Best Restaurant Options in Ephesus

Many of the people or tourists prefer to have Private Ephesus Tours and visit House of the Virgin Mary, Ancient City of Ephesus, Temple of Artemis, Saint John Basilica, Terrace Houses and Sirince Village. The best way of having an Ephesus Tour is a guided Ephesus Private Tour. Because, if you have a private tour in Ephesus, you can create your own program, change the itinerary, visit more places of skip something if you wanted. And one of the most important advantages of a Private Ephesus Tour is , having a local lunch during the Ephesus Tour. Most of the group tours in Ephesus do not add the lunch to their programs. But, since the people walk a lot and spend too much energy, they want a lunch during their tour. So, a lunch during Ephesus Tour is a must.

There are many options for the restaurants during the Ephesus Tour. Most of the Private Ephesus Tour companies prefer to take their guests to a restaurant that they can have local food with reasonable prices. Because, Ephesus and other sights are located in the countryside and having a local lunch is the best option for the visitors of Ephesus Tours.

Most of the group tours to Ephesus prefer to go to a touristy indoor restaurants, but local tour companies in Ephesus know the area better and they take their guests to local places that the locals went too. There are many options in a local restaurant that you can have best local food that are cooked by villagers in the area. Most of the local restaurants in Ephesus have open buffet that contains many of vegetable food, pastas, rice, different kind of mezes, meat, desserts, etc… Since all the food are organic and fresh, the restaurants of the area are calledas “ Firm to table restaurants “.

If you have a Private Ephesus Tour, do not skip having a local lunch that was recommended by your Local Ephesus Tour Guide. You can be sure that you will not be disappointed. Since you will be in the country, you should try the local food of the area. Of course with the recommadation of your Ephesus Tour Guide.

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