Places to See in Ephesus

Place to See in Ephesus

Ephesus is an ancient city that was built in a huge area. It was a city that contains many of splendid constructions as Odeon, Library, Terrace Houses, Amphitheater, Temples, Agora, Streets, etc. When the people visit Ancient City of Ephesus by an Ephesus Private Tour that was organised by the local companies in Ephesus, they are impressed with the city of Ephesus.

The first time visitors of Ephesus prefer guided Ephesus Tours from their hotels, airport or cruise port. A tour guide in Ephesus is the most important thing if the guests of Ephesus want the discover this city with best way. Because, if you have a Private Ephesus Tour, the tour guide will tell you all the attractions of Ephesus with very deep history and funny stories. Otherwise the coloums, marbel or city do not have any meaning and you can not understand anything from your Ephesus Tour that was made by your own.

The visitors see many thing during their Ephesus Tours.

Some of them are as ; State Agora that played an important role as a meeting place for the governmental discussions in Ephesus. Ephesus Private Tours always start from State Agora.

Odeon looks like an Amphitheater, but it had two functions as the parliament of the city that city council had their meetings. The second function of this contruction as concert hall for the performances.

Hercules Gate is located in the middle of the city to devide official part and commercial part of the city. Here was called as Hercules gate because of the relief of Hercules on it. Ephesus Tours always pass from Hercules Gate.

Fountain of Trajan is a fountain that was located on Curetes Street. It was built for the honor of Empreror Trajan. All the Private Ephesus Tour groups stop there and listen the stories from their Ephesus Local Tour Guides.

Temple of Hadrian is one of the best preserved foundation in Ephesus that was dedicated for the Empreor Hadrian. Many of Ephesus Tour Guides take the pictures of their guests in front of this magnificent structure.

Celsus Library is located in the middle of the city and this is the best preserved structure in Ephesus. One time, Celsus Library was the thirst largest Library after Pergamom and Alexandria Libraries. All the Ephesus Tours prefer to take group pictures in front of this monument.

The Great Theatre of Ephesus is located at the end of the city that all the Private Ephesus Tours finish their Ephesus Tours in the city. One time it was the largest theatre in Anatolia and has the capacity of 25,000 seats. It was built on the slope of Panayir Hill, opposite the Harbor Street and can be seen very easily from the road to Ephesus.

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